Meet Your Personal Marriage Coach, Author and Speaker


As a passionate Christian, wife and mother, I want to help you fulfill your marriage dream, to help you discover and transform your relationship into that of a loving and caring one.

As a passionate Christian, wife, mother and grandmother, I want to help you have an amazing marriage! My mission is to give you the tools to transform your relationship into a beautiful partnership filled with mutual love and respect in all areas of your life. So that you can reduce conflict, revive your love and find joy in your marital journey.

ABOUT Michael

Roses Come With Thorns

As an author, speaker and coach on marriages and relationships, you probably think my relationship has always been a bed of roses. It is quite the opposite. I lived in an abusive, and highly-controlling relationship for 16 years. I experienced mental and physical pain for many years.

I made mistakes that hammered the nails into the coffin of that marriage. I said and did things that I can’t take back.

Fortunately, the conflict led me to dig deep into God's plan for a marriage. Through an incredible amount of study, He has blessed me with the wisdom required to have a long wonderful relationship. And He allowed me another chance to apply these principles. He helped me understand the grave mistakes that can happen in a marriage and how to avoid and remedy them.

I believe God has called me to do this work, to help your audience recognize and avoid relationship conflicts, tune-up their relationships and find love and joy in their marriages.

ABOUT Michael

My Experience On Marriage

I was seven when my parents divorced. My mother remarried when I was eight and my father did so when I was nine, which was followed by a number of re-marrying and divorces. The examples I saw of marriage while I was growing up were not ideal.

I met my first husband in bible study when I was 26. He was 16 years older and knew how to play the dating game. I was young and naïve and I quickly fell in love. We married after five weeks of dating and that was when my first marriage tragedy started.

I experienced physical violence very early in my first marriage. I was ashamed of my bruises and often felt like it was my fault. The physical abuse stopped after I was pregnant with my first child. However, the mental abuse continued. I was belittled and forced to follow whatever action my husband deemed right.

As a faithful Christian, I didn’t want to divorce my first husband. I kept hoping that somehow God would help me fix this marriage. During these hard years, I read many books on marriage, attended classes on relationships, conferences, in addition to meeting with therapists and pastors. I learned everything I could about relationships and came to a realization: It is I who should walk away.

ABOUT Michael

God-given Love

It took me sixteen years to move away from that abusive relationship, but it is also why I can share many stories and lessons with you.

I thank God I was able to meet a wonderful man a few years later. I thank God for healing and blessing me with a man who is my love and joy in life. I am so happy to be his wife.

I have learned much from him. Especially that there is HOPE, and happiness can be achieved in marriage. This is why I am on this road of sharing my knowledge and helping my audience find their way to marital success. To help them achieve a happy ending in their relationships, like I did.